The Online Dates I Ever Went On

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  10. > This is true if what you mean is that she puts the brakes on the escalation- not that a woman can’t respond positively to the “sexual interest”- as in- she lets him know that she’s interested but she’s not quite ready.
  12. Agree with you to some extent on the ballet/dinner (also, where are you finding moderately expensive dinners for $25 a person??), but I also am fine doing dates where I pay because we do activities I want to do. I’m a big fan of high-end cocktail bars (little branch, raines law room, death & co, etc), but it’s not too often me and the guys will go somewhere like that. We’ll usually just grab some beers at happy hour. So for me, I’m fine paying for a couple drinks for her while if it means I have someone to go to the bar with me for a couple hours. Or restaurants. I love trying new and interesting restaurants, and though I have some friends who do as well, they’re not always free/up for it. So I spend a little extra money (most girls don’t eat a ton) and I get to go to a restaurant I’ve been dying to go to.
  14. 179Maggie May 22, 2012 at 4:17 pm
  15. @Herb
  16. “Women who demand dates, especially dates you pay for, in the current SMP are looking to cut their dining bill while improving where they eat”
  18. As a twist on what Susan said, is there nothing inbetween this and texts at 11 p.m. ? Why can’t a date be meeting for coffee, a walk in the park, a drink after work or anyplace that doesn’t cost much but where a man and woman can talk quietly for an hour or two. It involves a some time but not a lot of money.
  20. Texting takes very little effort. Teens easily send a hundred texts a day., there’re no big deal. I don’t see how the men here can think that another man’s texting a woman for four months, suggesting she come across town late at night to meet him, and walking her to her car after a party shows that he has any more interest in her than booty call.

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